Perth Plasterboard Centre offers a number of delivery services to ensure that your product gets to where it needs to be. Our skilled staff members can provide a number of different services. All our deliveries follow the Safe Work Australia guidelines for safe plasterboard delivery, so customers can purchase our products knowing they'll be delivered safely. The standard delivery process involves manually unloading of the plasterboard and other building products to the desired area, counting the products, cross checking them with the invoice and then an optional plastic wrapping service can be provided if the products are in an open area.

We pride ourselves on providing the best experience for our consumer. We go above and beyond to ensure that they are happy with, not only their products, but ultimately the service that we offer.

Standard Delivery

The standard delivery we offer is a simple 2-man job where sheets are manually taken off the back of the truck and taken into the desired area of the building site (often placed against the wall or stacked on the floor depending on preference).

Apartment and Building Deliveries

This type of delivery is mainly used for large buildings with multiple levels. Although access to a service elevator is preferred, the stairs can be used to take plasterboard to the desired floor. A team will be sent depending on the size of the delivery (usually a team of 2 will be sent) and they will have access to a plasterboard trolley.


For multi-story residential houses this type of delivery is often utilised. This type of delivery is labour intensive which means the person who places the order will need to provide some extra workers. The plasterboard is manually loaded from the tray of the truck and passed up to the desired floor where it is stacked in the desired location.

Country Deliveries

At Perth Plasterboard Centre, we have a fleet capable of catering to country towns such as Bunbury and Geraldton. A similar process to the standard delivery will take place, but it will just involve extra driving for our truck drivers.

For more information on our delivery services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Perth Plasterboard Centre stocks some of the largest building brands in all of Australia. We like to associate ourselves with high-quality which means we only stock the best. At Perth Plasterboard Centre, we are proud stockists of the following brands:

  • GTEK Plasterboard
  • Knauf Insulation
  • AMF
  • Studco
  • Rescom Mgo
  • Kingspan
  • Innova
  • Any many more

The brands are listed throughout the products page and can be found under the appropriate tab.